Open Media Appliance

Digital Nirvana’s Open Media Appliance is a feature-rich hardware platform for our Monitor IQ™ and MediaPro™ systems. As a true hybrid appliance, it accepts multiple inputs in one unit, allowing broadcasters to do more with less hardware.

Key Features:

  • Cost-effective open platform accepts a wide range of inputs including SD/HD SDI, ASI, ASI-IP, ATSC and QAM
  • Supported formats include 50 Hz, 60 Hz and DVB - T/C/S2
  • Cable card technology records from encrypted cable feeds in full HD – allowing for direct cable and off-air antenna recording and expansion up to hundreds of channels
  • Delivers 30/90/360 days of low-res or 1/7/14 days of high-res storage
  • Industrial grade server with RAID 6HDD, built-in redundant power supplies and system alerts in a 2RU or 3RU device
  • Includes NAS Connect which allows users to push recorded files to storage and then easily manage and search recorded media in the NAS
  • Linux operating system
  • download the application brief

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