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How Digital Nirvana’s Platform Simplifies Operations for a Major Sports Broadcaster

Digital Nirvana’s media management platform helps today’s broadcasters capture content from multiple sources, create content, and publish to multiple digital platforms while monitoring for quality and compliance. Check out how one major sports broadcaster based out of the Bay Area has been using the platform to simplify its operations:


Top Sports Broadcaster based out of San Francisco


  • (Network) Advertising department wanted to send high resolution videos clips to their clients
  • Operators in multiple locations across California needed access to the recorded content
  • Multiple user environment and locked network made software installation process very lengthy on user’s desktops
  • Local feeds in the form of Encrypted QAM were supposed to be recorded, which were available as Cable Subscription
  • For remote feed recording, which was available as HD-SDI, the right technology was required

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Learn More about the Media Management Platform with Our YouTube Videos

Digital Nirvana recently introduced its Media Management Platform, which offers a suite of applications that allows broadcasters and media entertainment companies to capture, edit, share, and manage content – as well as prove compliance, monitor and analyze video. To help better explain the features of the platform, we’ve created several videos on our YouTube channel for your viewing. We offer a quick overview video of the platform:

We also have published videos on several specific Media Management Platform features, including its capture application, which allows users to record up to hundreds of channels; its edit application, whichIBC 2014 Digital Nirvana media management hardware enables operators to produce frame-accurate cut clips to rebroadcast content and repurpose clips for social media; its compliance application, which lets users log and monitor video content for regulatory, licensing requirements and quality control; and its share feature, which allows for unlimited user accounts and enables users to capture and record multiple video feeds and repurpose them quickly for multiple platforms such as web, mobile, social media and the cloud.

We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel to learn more about the vast features that our Media Management Platform offers.

The Sports Recording Workflow is Made Easy with Our Media Management Platform

When TV stations broadcast the sports segment of their newscasts, there are typically two ways in which the sports clips have been repurposed. Either the footage has been ingested from satellite or cable directly to their primary ingest system, or it has been ingested from satellite or cable to a DVR, then clips from the DVR are ingested into the primary ingest system. At Digital Nirvana, we present a new workflow option – one that makes clip searching, content preparation, and rebroadcasting easier and much more efficient.

With our sports clipping workflow, broadcasters use QAM modulators for the station’s satellite or cable HDMI/Component/Composite output, which then feeds into Digital Nirvana’s Media Management Platform. With this method of clipping sports footage for newscast, editors can quickly skim through the recorded content using any Web browser, select content, and transcode high-resolution clips from MPEG-2 to NLE native format for repurposing game highlights.

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Digital Nirvana Welcomes Michael Collins as Broadcast Customer Support Manager

By Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s Director of Sales

Following up from IBC last month where Digital Nirvana’s new Media Management Platform was well received, we’re thrilled to announce a new employee at our U.S. headquarters in Fremont, CA:  Michael Collins, our new customer support manager.

Michael has spearheaded the design and deployment of large-scale video, IPTV and server technology at high-profile broadcasters and tech companies around the world, including work with KBS, CBC and NBC. He was previously the manager of video ingest systems for the San Francisco-based firm, Cognitive

Michael’s duties include: managing the customer support team, strengthening client relationships and service, conducting pre- and post-sales technical support, monitoring client sites and equipment, as well as researching and testing new products and services. He can be reached at:

In addition to our emphasis on customer service, we have a renewed focus on our partner relationships. We recently announced new partnerships with two manufacturers’ representatives – Piper Digital in Torrance, CA and A and D Avenues of Roanoke, VA. Piper Digital will handle sales in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. A and D Avenues will represent our technology in the Washington, D.C. area; North and South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; and Florida. Both companies began representing our product line in August.

There are a lot of exciting things happening around here, so stay tuned for more announcements moving forward!

The New Features of Monitor IQ 4.0

By Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s Director of Sales

Are you a broadcaster or content creator looking to reliably monitor your traditional broadcast stream? If so, our Monitor IQ solution is the smart choice to fulfill your signal and loudness monitoring needs. Within a highly scalable appliance, Monitor IQ combines signal and loudness monitoring with aircheck-logging, archiving, ad verification and competitive analysis.

Monitor IQ SmartAlerts

Monitor IQ SmartAlerts

Digital Nirvana just released Version 4.0 which includes SmartAlerts for customized alarm profiles, SmartSearch for easy content and video clip searching,  advanced editing, transport stream recording, and a variable speed playback option.  Running on our Open Media Appliance,  Monitor IQ includes an efficient architecture and improved user interface for content search and retrieval. The solution easily integrates with third parties and uses the latest mobile device technologies.

Many broadcasters rely on Monitor IQ to efficiently fulfill their monitoring demands, including Discovery Communications and Fisher Communications. You can read more about how each of them are using Monitor IQ here and here, respectively.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below, in which I discuss Monitor IQ 4.0 from the NAB show floor, or visit our Monitor IQ product page.

Monitor IQ’s SmartSearch Allows for Targeted Clip Searching

By Arco Groenenberg

One of the new unique features offered with the latest version of our broadcast monitoring system, Monitor IQ V 4.0, is SmartSearch, which allows users to easily find clips based on specific parameters that they set.

Monitor IQ SmartSearch

Monitor IQ SmartSearch

SmartSearch enables searches to be as broad or as specific as desired. Users can search for clips based on set parameters, including date, time, channel, descriptions or titles. It also allows users to search for keywords in the closed caption, as run or traffics logs, as well as in error reports. With SmartSearch, Monitor IQ operators can easily define the specific clips they’re looking for using Boolean searches. Once results are found, all clips are noted in a list containing hyperlinks that go directly to the video or content by the click of a mouse.

Monitor IQ 4.0 gives operators the advantage of SmartSearch’s flexible search options, making it easier than ever to find the information they’re looking for, with no hassle involved.

The latest version of Monitor IQ is now shipping. You can read more about Monitor IQ’s features here.

Reseller Spotlight on EMEA Gateway

Digital Nirvana recently announced its new partnership with EMEA Gateway, a company with over 25 years of experience selling software products in the broadcast industry throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. Digital Nirvana has forged this partnership to strengthen its presence in the EMEA region, an area with more than a hundred countries and a diverse marketplace.

Guy Elliott, Managing Director, EMEA Gateway Ltd

Guy Elliott

“We like Digital Nirvana’s products because they’re extremely well-designed,” said Guy Elliott, founder and Managing Director of EMEA Gateway. “The key advantage to their solutions is that they work on an open platform that does not require a user license pricing model, making them an even more cost efficient choice for our customers. Their products are a great fit with our existing portfolio.”

EMEA Gateway is now offering Digital Nirvana’s broadcast monitoring solutions to its clientele. Digital Nirvana’s popular broadcast monitoring system, Monitor IQ, combines signal and loudness monitoring with aircheck-logging, archiving, ad verification and competitive analysis. Its latest version includes SmartSearch, SmartAlerts, advanced editing, transport stream recording, an improved user interface, and a variable speed playback option.

“We’re always looking for companies that are making expansion in the EMEA region a priority,” explained Elliott. “Digital Nirvana has the potential to establish itself as the go-to company for broadcast monitoring in the area, and we want to help make that happen.”

“We’re confident that our partnership with EMEA Gateway will increase our brand awareness in the EMEA region,” said Arco Groenenberg, Director of Sales and Marketing for Digital Nirvana’s Broadcast Products. “This is a key focus of Digital Nirvana’s business expansion plan, and we’re happy to be working with EMEA Gateway to grow our business.”

What’s New with MediaPro 2.0?

During April’s NAB Show, Digital Nirvana introduced Version 2.0 of the MediaPro content repurposing system.  This new version includes advanced clip search capabilities and clip editor functions, as well as the ability to record content and share it easily on social media platforms and the cloud.

mediapro NAB 2014

With the importance of social media in the information sharing landscape of today, MediaPro 2.0 users benefit by quickly being able to cut, clip and share with social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Using Digital Nirvana’s Open Media Appliance hybrid server platform, MediaPro 2.0 enables multiple users to record up to hundreds of channels, then edit, clip, and publish content in real time. MediaPro offers a wide variety of hybrid input options including: SDI, ASI, IP, QAM, ATSC and the ability to record encrypted HD content with Digital Nirvana’s cable card technology.

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From the NAB Show Floor: The Cost Effective Open Media Appliance Explained

Earlier this year at NAB, Digital Nirvana showcased the latest version of its Open Media Appliance, a true hybrid appliance that offers excellent price performance. With the ability to accept multiple input formats in one unit, the versatile server is the platform for the Monitor IQ broadcast monitoring and MediaPro content repurposing systems.

Open Media Appliance is a feature-rich 2- or 3-RU platform that accepts a wide range of inputs, OpenMediaAppliance_PressImage_nonameincluding SD/HD SDI, ASI, ASI-IP, ATSC, and QAM. Supported formats include 50 Hz, 60 Hz and DVB-T/C/S2. A unique feature of the server is Digital Nirvana’s cable card technology, which allows users to record from encrypted cable feeds in full HD. This allows for direct cable and off-air antenna recording and expansion on up to hundreds of channels. The server also delivers 30, 90, or 360 days of low-res or 1, 7, or 14 days of high-res storage. It also includes NAS Connect, allowing users to push recorded files to storage and then easily manage and search recorded media in the NAS.

The server is an industrial grade server with Raid 6HDD that runs on a Linux operating system, and it includes built-in redundant power supplies and system alerts.

With Open Media Appliance, users can do more with reduced hardware expenses. To find out more about this cost-efficient server, please check out the video below of Arco Groenenberg, Digital Nirvana’s Director of Sales, discussing Open Media Appliance from the NAB Show floor. You can also visit the Open Media Appliance product page here.

NAB Video: AnyStream IQ OTT Monitoring

As OTT content becomes a bigger revenue driver in your organization, OTT recording and monitoring becomes critical. Many broadcasters currently monitor their live streams manually using tablets, phones and other devices. This manual process is expensive, time-consuming and prone to error.

That’s why Digital Nirvana showcased AnyStream IQ at last month’s NAB Show.  This cost-effective OTT monitoring solution automatically records and monitors live streams from the cloud. With AnyStream IQ, you’ll always know if your live streams are up and running with no loss of video, audio or closed captions. And you’ll be confident your viewers are having a high quality experience with your OTT broadcast.

With AnyStream IQ, you can record and monitor FLV, HLS and HDS streams. Search recorded streams with any web browser. Cut and clip recorded content quickly and easily. And receive alerts on all channels in one report. So you save hours of time and improve productivity, while creating a high-quality OTT workflow.

In the video below, our CEO, Hiren Hindocha, discusses the new features of AnyStream IQ and how it can benefit your operations.

For more info about the latest version of AnyStream IQ, please check out our news release on its introduction.